About Danny Ryan

I recently founded Bluehaus Productions, an NY company focusing on film and VR. Find out more about Bluehaus below.


I have a wide range of experience across many facets of the filmmaking industry. I have feature experience as an Assistant Director, Grip & Electric, and Production Assistant. I have also worked on many other productions as Director, Director of Photographer, Assistant Camera, Camera Operator, Art Department, and Colorist. I have worked on a variety of productions including narrative feature films, VR video, web series, short films, documentaries, reality/doc television and live broadcasts.

Growing up I didn't want to be a filmmaker. It never even crossed my mind. I wanted to be an engineer and build airplanes. When I was 18, I left New York for the University of Alabama to study aerospace engineering.  I spent every night in the library working until 2AM. Soon I was at the top of the class and I started to spend more and more time at a desk in the library calculating some vague algorithm that would show how much force it would take to lift a plane off the ground. I sat at my desk one night, staring at my graph paper and realized that I hated what I was doing. This would be the majority of my career; sitting in isolation, putting numbers together so that someone else could drill a piece of metal onto plane in the right place. My idealistic view of what an engineer was something out of career day brochure - I wanted to work with my hands, I wanted to solve problems and collaborate with others to build something. I ran as far away from engineering as I could and joined an arts organization. When a friend of mine asked for help on a video shoot, I realized this is what I spent my life working towards. The product was different but the process is the same. We were solving problems, thinking on our feet and building something. When I told people I wanted to make movies, I always got the same reaction - “Movies? In Alabama?” I was in a place where resources are scarce for filmmakers. But I learned to use the things that I did and didn’t have to my advantage. I had genuine people, untold stories, and unseen places. If I could go back and choose a new path, I wouldn’t. I learned to be a director from a perspective that most people never will. Besides walking away with a basic understanding of aviation, I left Alabama with a hunger to create.  I can tell you from experience that filmmaking is infinitely more enjoyable than rocket science.

Each project I write and direct has been bigger and more ambitious than the last. I'm currently workshopping a feature script and developing several Virtual Reality projects. In the mean time, I've also continued to write and direct short films.